Zimbabwean thief poos on himself after being trapped in a chimney for 2 days



A suspected thief became a prisoner of his own scheme after he got stuck for two days in a chimney. Andrea Zunga was part of a gang of three that hatched a plan to enter Thabiso Youth Centre through the building’s two chimneys on Monday night. 



Zunga’s accomplices who are still at large, managed to get in and out through one of the chimneys and got way with two computers, a laptop and a jacket but he got stuck in the other chimney which is blocked at the bottom. 



The accomplices on realising that Zunga was stuck in the chimney fled with their loot and did not tell anyone about the mishap. He was rescued after a cleaner heard his cry for help.. He relieved himself while in the smoke vent as a pungent stench of human excrement kept rescuers at bay. 


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