Young Girl with Deformed Face Gets New Life after Surgery, Smiles

A 14-year-old girl identified as Julienne, is now very happy after she was given a new lease of life.

Julienne was born with a condition known as encephalocele which left her face deformed. She has had it quite rough in times past and even once had the “fear of an early death hanging over her head.”

However, her dreams came true when she finally underwent surgery to correct the deformity.

Julienne underwent the surgery on The Mercy Ships, a group of hospital ships in developing nations staffed by talented volunteers from around the world.

Mercy Ships shard Julienne’s story on their Twitter page.

The wrote; “Fourteen-year-old Julienne once had the fear of an early death hanging over her head.

“But after a surgery to remove her encephalocele, she has blossomed into the vivacious young woman, and she can now look forward to a future full of possibilities!”

Before the surgery.

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