Woman with world’s longest dreadlocks, reveals her Kenyan hairstylist husband 


50-year-old Asha Mandela from Florida, has married Emmanuel Chege, a certified hair stylist from Kenya. Aisha has dreadlocks that measure up to 55ft in length. They met online three years ago after he was struck by pictures of her famous dreadlocks on hair websites.

He decided to contact Asha, and when she visited Kenya on business eight months later, they connected well. A fairytale romance followed, and within 8 months of meeting, they got married in America. Now, almost two years later, Asha has entrusted the care of her dreads solely to Emmanuel.

Emmanuel, a hair stylist with 15 years experience, spends his days grooming Asha’s dreadlocks. Doctors told Aisha that her dreadlocks would paralyse her if she kept on growing them as its weight is affecting her back. They take two days to wash and dry. Emmanuel devotes countless hours to their upkeep.

He is also growing his own dreadlocks and hopes to become the male record holder in the future. They have talked about having children in the future, and hope their child will continue their dreadlocks legacy…. which is generating massive revenue for d US government as a tourist attraction…. 


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