Woman Set On Fire By Her Boyfriend Dies

Getting involved with a man who has no real values for life, just because he’s a Prince or for whatever pecuniary benefits, is a big risk.

The lady pictured above has passed away after she was allegedly set on fire by her lover who has since been arrested by the authorities.

According to reports, the suspect identified as Nkosana Prince Mthombeni, allegedly poured paraffin on the lady named Smangele Pearl, said to be his girlfriend before ‘setting her on fire’.

The deceased South African lady was rushed to the hospital where she battled for her life before finally giving up the ghost.

A heartbroken Facebook user, Sipho Christian, took to the social media on Wednesday, September 5th, to share the report. He wrote;

‘This lady right here is my little sister, Smangele and a few days ago she was admitted to hospital because this coward guy Nkosana Sipho Prince Mthombeni poured paraffin on her and set her on fire…

”oday at 2am Smangele Pearl kholeka mnisi Mahlangu died in hospital after suffering huge amounts of agony… Nkosana will have the Lord deal with him and I hope he rots in jail for life…RIP Smangele mnisi, you’re loved.’

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