Woman saved from selling two of her children at the rate of N30, 000 each


This was at the just concluded Chris Okafor World Outreach Ministries crusade in Calabar, Cross River State. Dr. Chris Okafor, recently raised a dead baby through prayers in Lagos and later interviewed the Baphemot of illuminati, who revealed that 89% of Nigerian entertainers are illuminati.

During his prophecy session at this crusade, he called out a case, saying that there was a woman among the congregants, who had been offered N30, 000 each for two of her children. The woman, he said, was making plans to actually sell them to raise money for business.

Before he was done dishing out her details, the woman ran out from the crowd and affirmed everything he had said. The man of God after praying for her, asked how much she needed for business and she said “N30,000.” He then gave her a cash of N100, 000…. n told her to count it to check if it was complete…. 


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