Wizkid’s Management confirms he and Tania are no longer an item

In a press release sent out by List Entertainment yesterday, after the rumor of his new baby hit the media, the management confirmed that
Wizkid and Tania have broken up. Below is their statement:

“News getting to us is that Tania broke up with Wiz a while ago but both parties agreed to be friendly towards each other. Nonetheless, she kept her distance from him and missed a lot of his events and performances over the Christmas holidays. .

She went on vacation with her friends in Dubai during his industry night event. Wizkid was probably trying to win her back when he tweeted “T baby forever” sometime ago, perhaps he was trying to work things out. 

Wiz still hasn’t confirmed any news about him having another child…We know he’s single and he’ll be releasing his EP next month.  

List Entertainment, 

WizKids Management Company.”……. I pray he wins her back.


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