What is the career choice in fashion designing

Fashion designing is an art of creating designs for garment production which involves market research, analysis, the making of a sketch of people interest on the paper and guiding production team to implement that idea on final fabric during garment manufacturing to create the end product. A professional fashion designer should possess some skills like visual imagination, sense of color, ability to combine shades and tones and should have knowledge of the latest fashion trends. Since the fashion industry is a vast industry and hence it offers tremendous career perspectives or job opportunities after fashion designing courses. One can make a career in the fashion industry as a fashion illustrator, fashion designer, fashion coordinator, and fashion stylist, etc.

 The fashion designer has to adopt the latest fashion trends, people interest, have to follow local religion and culture in order to design new designs and styles for clothing apparel and lifestyle accessories. A fashion designer should also have to make designing ideas according to client need and budget. The accessory designer should have the ability to design perfect match fashion accessories like ties, shoes, bags, jewelry, etc. to give an attractive look to garments.

 Fashion coordinator manages or supervises the sales, purchase, and marketing of clothing in textile firms, retail stores, and manufacturing houses. They make a relationship with retailers, fabric dealers, organize fashion shows, assist in advertising and promoting sales. They also work on to arrange the best suitable fabrics, colors, and buttons as per the requirement of garments. The main role of a fashion coordinator is to assist senior fashion designer and help in designing work.

 A fashion stylist is a person who involves in the process of makeup, hairstyle, dressing sense, color matching, nail polish, jewelry selection of models according to the theme and overall look of the fashion show. A fashion stylist should be well versed with the latest fashion trends and need of the fashion industry. He or she will be responsible for matching footwear, neckpieces, and accessories to give an eye-catching look to models.

 Fashion illustrator should have excellent designing skills and the major role of fashion illustrator is to draw beautiful sketch designs for a designer. Fashion illustrator has to take ideas from customers and convert them into sketches which are altered later by a senior fashion designer to give final look and create garment design as per client need.

 In short fashion, designing offers various fashion design career options to set up a career as a fashion designer, retail manager, textile designer, footwear designer, artist, fashion blogger, fashion model, fashion merchandiser and many more. What you do to make a career in fashion designing is to do a degree or diploma course in fashion designing from some reputed fashion design institute.

 INIFD Fashion design institute is one of the most prestigious fashion designing institutes in Pune which offers the best education to you to make a career in the field of fashion designing and interior designing.

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