We have human abattoirs where they sell a human head for N30,000 – suspect

Kamoru Oladele, 50, stunned people into silence yesterday at the headquarters of Oyo State Police Command as he narrated how he sells human parts for between N25,000 and N30,000, adding that his gang has human abattoirs in Oyo and Osun states.

Oladele told Vanguard: “I am a herbalist and I do fortune charms for people. I am not the one that usually sells human parts. I buy from some people. This is my first time of engaging in this kind of business. I usually buy the human skull for N10,000 and sell it for N25,000 for those that come for fortune charms.” 

When police searched his house, they alleged that one smoked human skull was recovered. Oladele uses coded words, which can only be decoded by their initiates, for different human parts, adding that “a human head that sells for N30,000 is called agbon (coconut).” He also disclosed that their trade was carried out in their human abattoirs located at Amuloko and Kuta villages in Oyo and Osun states, respectively.


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