Wanted criminal who didn’t like his mugshot, sent police a selfie instead


When the Lima Police Department in Ohio, USA posted an unflattering mugshot of Donald “Chip” Pugh, who is wanted for a failure to appear in several cases including arson and vandalism, on Facebook, he
sent them a private message with a selfie, showing off his better side.

He wrote: “Here is a better photo that one is terrible.” The LPD obliged, posting the new photo with the status: “This photo was sent to us by Mr Pugh himself. We thank him for being helpful, but now we would appreciate it if he would come speak to us at the LPD about his charges.”

He may have had a point because some people on Facebook compared the original photo to Carlton from the Fresh Prince. Ever concerned with his public image, Chip also did an interview with the local radio station 104.9 The Eagle.

In the interview, he said: “Man, they just did me wrong. They put a picture out that made me look like I was a Thundercat… or James Brown on the run. I can’t do that.”….. I’m a fine boy with no pimples, only dimples, he added…..


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