UNN alumni seek better deal for education

Some alumni of the University of Nigeria (UNN), Enugu Campus are worried over the state of higher education in the country.

The group decried the quality of graduates being churned out by schools into the labour market, calling for a revamp of the education system.

They made the call at a reunion, tagged: “UNEC Accountancy Class 2005 Set Reunion”,  held last Saturday at Tivoli Garden Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos.

The event, which brought together over 50 members of the class, from various walks of life and from across the country, featured talks, poetry recitation, recollection  and prayers for departed classmates.

According to John Pascal Anakwue, author of “Wake up Nigeria”, who delivered a speech, Nigeria’s educational system should promote self-reliance, by empowering graduates to be entrepreneurs.

On “Our role in fighting societal ills”,  he said: “Yet, we complain of unproductive graduates who roam the streets in search of jobs. Why not educate humans to think and know? The basic purpose of education is to awaken creativity, genius and divine consciousness within. Potent knowledge drives productive economy and self-sufficiency.”

Lamenting the insecurity in the country, saying it is a deterrent to development, he urged Nigeria to borrow a leaf from emerging economies, such as China and Dubai.  He linked Nigeria’s economic revolution to its political climate, calling for a radical change.

“Nigeria is tiptoeing on the edge of the precipice! There are notorious cracks on the walls. The centre can no longer hold.

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‘’Launch corruption fight from within to the without! All those who burrowed and burrow into our commonwealth, and looted our treasury, leaving the masses in hunger should be probed. Those who duped the masses in the name of religion and have abandoned pockets of projects here and there should be probed,” he stated.

A former class representative of the group, Mr Ehirim Kelechi, called for a true federalism, condemning the recent killings across the country. He said: “Nigeria is a human who has given birth to beasts. Why create Boko to hack, maim and Islamise in the forest of Sambisa?; Why do herders slaughter farmers and push for Ruga? Ruga is a fraudulent concept that will mutate to fulanise! Why not proscribe herders as terrorists? Why massacre and bury armless IPOB members? Why weaponise poverty and demonide certain ethic groups?” he asked.

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