Unexpected things named after Barack Obama

A newly discovered flatworm is named for Mr Obama

US President Barack Obama has added a parasite to his presidential legacy after scientists named a newly discovered flatworm in his honour.

Baracktrema obamai is the second parasite whose moniker was inspired by Mr Obama.

The flatworm species, which has a long, thread-like body, infects Malaysian freshwater turtles.

Scientists who found the species said they named it for the 44th president because it was unique.


“This is clearly something in my small way done to honour our president,” said Dr Thomas R Platt, an expert on turtle parasites who discovered the species.

He also said he was a distant relative of Mr Obama.

In honour of Mr Obama’s latest namesake, here is a look at other surprising things named for the commander-in-chief.


Baracktrema obamai infects the lungs of freshwater turtles and can be fatal.

Researchers have previously named a hairworm, the Paragordius obamai, found in Kenya, after Mr Obama. The worm was discovered near where Mr Obama’s father lived.


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