Ugandan police arrest Nigerian man with N15m worth of drugs


The Police Anti-Narcotics Department and Posta Uganda have intercepted parcels containing 19kg of marijuana and 795g of heroin worth sh229m destined for the Netherlands and Rufus. O. Okafor, 28, was
arrested in connection with it.


Okafor is a student of Kampala University, Uganda. Oneal Kangahho, the security manager of the Ugandan postal agency, said an investigation revealed that the trafficking of the contraband is always done by Nigerian nationals in Uganda.

Okafor will appear in court today. If found guilty, he could get 3-month imprisonment or a Shs1 million fine or both….. Okafor is hoping to get a fine cuz going to jail wld affect his chances of graduating wt a First Class…..


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