Uber offers shareable video of drivers’ ‘journey’

A new feature rolling out to Uber drivers offers a semi-customized look at their “journey” with the company. On the face of its, the video is similar to sort offered up by Facebook on the occasion of anniversaries. Here, it pairs a driver’s stats with jaunty music and animation, highlighting how long they’ve been driving and when they started with the service.

The video pulls other journey metrics that it’s already begun sharing with riders through the app, including fun stats like the number of sunrises and sunsets they’ve “driven through,” the total of five-star trips and the longest streak of five star trips.

Uber shared the feature with drivers, who can opt into making it visible in the app. Doing so will show passengers on a prompt upon the driver’s arrival to provide additional insight with the person with whom they’ll be sharing a car. A number of drivers have also begun to share the feature through social media like Twitter, which can be easily accessed with a search.

The feature appears to have arrived for many over the weekend, rolling out to all drivers and Uber Eats partners globally who have made more than 100 trips. It arrives in the wake of the company’s (admittedly underwhelming) IPO. It also also debuts in the face of last week’s strikes by taxi worker advocacy groups protesting the company’s role in the growing gig economy.

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