Uber CEO: ride-hailing will be eclipsed by scooters, bikes, and even flying taxis

A decade from now, ride-hailing will be less than 50% of Uber’s business, in terms of transactions, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi said Thursday at Disrupt SF.

The on-stage prediction is in line with recent moves by Uber and its CEO to be part of, and make money from, all the different ways people might move within an urban environment. Since Khosrowshahi’s one year as CEO, Uber has made a multimillion-dollar acquisition of JUMP bikes, launched UberRENT, announced plans to launch a dockless electric scooter service and launched a new modalities organization created to figure out out what this multi-modal future might look like for Uber.

Ride-hailing, the company’s first and primary revenue driver, and its delivery app UberEATS will both be enormous in the future, Khosrowshahi said. But the long-term vision, and one that is already in motion, is to move away from travel that relies on passenger cars.

“We want to be the Amazon of transportation,” Khosrowshahi said. “And hopefully, 10 years from now no one in the audience is going to own a car.”

Dockless scooters and bikes—and someday even flying taxis—are central to that plan.

“I’m actually very, very bullish on personal individual electric vehicles,”Khosrowshahi said. “We’ve got to deconstruct that car and that’s a big part of the mission going forward.”

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