Truck driver sentenced to one year in jail for reckless driving


Joshua Gabriel was on Friday sentenced to one year imprisonment with hard labour without an option of a fine, for driving dangerously along Itu-Calabar Highway in Akwa Ibom State, which contravenes section 21 of the Federal Road Safety Act for driving dangerously on a federal high way. 

He was also ordered to pay a fine of N10, 000 for the owner of a Jetta saloon car he vandalised while trying to escape. And another fine of N10, 000 for the repair of a motorbike he damaged by his reckless and dangerous driving. He had refused to stop when he was flagged down by some FRSS officers.

He even drove away with one of the officers, who had tried to stop him. He was then chased for about 40 minutes. He later abandoned the truck, ran into a woman’s house and hid under the bed. When the anti-riot policemen traced him to under the bed, he picked up a machete to strike one of them before being overpowered…. n folded into a sack…. Cc: Punchng


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