Truck Crushes Dad, Daughter To Death, Wife In Critical Condition

Tragedy struck in Bauchi on Sunday when a speeding truck driver reportedly crushed a motorcyclist and his daughter to death while the deceased’s wife was critically injured.

An eyewitness, who refused to mention her name, blamed the truck driver for speeding without considering the motorcyclist who was riding ahead of him.

The accident happened at Bakin Kura Junction in the Bauchi metropolis.

Northern City News learnt that the incident, which occurred around 5.30pm, attracted many sympathisers and left many people wailing.

The eyewitness said, “The driver of the truck was speeding dangerously when he was approaching the junction and instead of slowing down for the motorcyclist, who was carrying his wife and a child, to pass, he rammed into them and in the process, hit another man riding a motorcycle. The second motorcyclist was lucky as he only sustained injuries.

“The first motorcyclist man died on the spot along with his baby daughter while his wife was seriously injured. The scene of the crash was horrible, because the man’s skull was shattered on the main road with his brain spilled out.”

The Head of Operations, Federal Road Safety Corps, Mr Paul Gua, confirmed the incident, a truck with registration number 810503 ADJ and two motorcycles were involved.

Gua, who is the Deputy Sector Commander, said five persons were involved in the accident, out of which a man and a female child were confirmed dead.

He added that the accident was caused by the truck driver who he said failed to slow down while approaching the Bakin Kura Junction.

He advised drivers to be more careful “so they can reduce road traffic crashes to the barest minimum.”
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