Transport firm launches logistics app

GIG Logistics, a subsidiary of God is Good Motors (GIGM), has launched the GIGGO App to simplify its operations.

The firm’s Chief Operations Officer (COO), Ayodele Adenaike, said the app will be deployed in Lagos before it is extended to other parts of Nigeria and Africa.

On how the App works, Adenaike said users are asked to sign in from their mobile devices, follow the instructions and select appropriate commands.

He said: “The app will make it easier for customers and merchants to conveniently make a request in the comfort of their homes and offices. It works like a normal order app, just like Uber. Customers who ship items to a location can also track the delivery partner assigned to pick up the shipment.

“For improved quality service delivery, customers can also give feedback and suggestions on how they can be better served.”

Adenaike also added that security is built into the app to ensure the shipment is safe and delivered undamaged.

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