Transgender woman shares photo from inside a North Carolina women's restroom despite prohibition

Transgender woman Sarah McBride shared an Instagram photo on
Thursday from inside a women’s restroom in North Carolina, where
the recent passage of House Bill 2 prohibits transgender people
from using the restroom that matches their sexual identity rather
than the one on their birth certificate.
The LGBT rights activist who made headlines as president of her
college’s student body when she came out as transgender in 2012,
“Here I am using a women’s restroom in North Carolina that I’m
technically barred from being in.
They say I’m a pervert.
They say I’m a man dressed as a woman.
They say I’m a threat to their children.
They say I’m confused.
They say I’m dangerous.
And they say accepting me as the person I have fought my life to
be seen as reflects the downfall of a once great nation.
I’m just a person. We are all just people. Trying to pee in peace.
Trying to live our lives as fully and authentically as possible. Barring
me from this restroom doesn’t help anyone. And allowing me to
continue to use this bathroom – just without fear of discrimination
and harassment – doesn’t hurt anyone
Stop this. We are good people”





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