Top Business Ideas for Making Extra Money After Work

If you are  working from home  or any remote location of your choice, while dictating your schedule and having complete control over your career. You can earn a handsome amount of money by investing some extra time apart from your regular job.   

Do you want to know about  profitable business ideas with low investment? If YES, here are Top 10  profitable business ideas with small investment in india for startup business.


  1. Youtube channel:

In this era of social media many people are also earning money through it. YouTube gives chances  people to earn money . While people are getting an opportunity to show their talent and they are getting very good earnings through it. However making money from YouTube is not a very difficult task. Anyone can easily earn money through it. For this, you just have to create a channel on YouTube and take care of some current and trending topics. You must have a YouTube channel to place videos on YouTube. You can make it by logging in with your Gmail ID. You can give your channel a name through the ‘My channel’ option. The name should be such that there is no channel already and it is also unique in itself.


     2. Photography:

If you are a good photographer then this is a great thing for you. You  can earn a lot of money from your talent. You will only need a professional camera for this. And then you can earn money by doing fashion  photography, wildlife photography, photo shoots etc. You can promote your photography through your social media, so that more people will know about your talent.



   3. Dance Coaching:

 If you are a good dancer and you know a variety of dance forms, so   you can earn money by teaching dance to people. If you think you can dance really well or you’re a professional dancer and you are a master of one form then you can teach dance to young dance enthusiasts near you. Kids generally  have a really keen interest in dance and you can earn a decent amount of money through it.



   4.  Create chatbots.

Chatbots  are the talk of the town. Companies large and small are jumping on the chatbot bandwagon, implementing this technology tool for customer care, marketing, sales, even internal processes, among other activities. Now, however, chatbots don’t require huge amounts of programming, thanks to the natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) that powers them.

While this may sound complicated, you no longer need vast amounts of coding knowledge to create a chatbot. In fact, there are now chatbot-building platforms like chattypeople  that allow you to create a bot for free in a matter of minutes through a powerful dashboard.

5.   Take surveys.

Taking surveys is an easy task; however, the amount you get paid for each one will depend on the company for which you’re completing them, as well as the amount of time you’ll be required to spend filling them out. That said, some companies pay up to $50 per survey!

Normally, you’ll be asked questions about your demographic; once surveys pop up, the company you have signed up with will get in touch and pay you through an ewallet, such as Paypal. You may be required to answer questions regarding a product or service and the area in which you live, or even to take an opinion poll. The options are endless.

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