Top 5 Ways To Get Cheaper Flights

If there’s one thing that’s true about flying virtually anywhere, it’s that it isn’t cheap.

In fact, a plane ticket is without question one of the most expensive costs of traveling anywhere, and if you don’t have a bucket of money to spend, then looking for ways to get the cheapest price possible should be a big priority for you.

Here are the top ways you can get cheaper flights:

Use Credit Card Sign-Up Offers

Most travel credit cards have very beneficial sign up offers, where after being approved and activating the card, by meeting a certain criteria you can win a large number of bonus points or miles that can be used to purchase airfare.

For example, a credit card sign-up offer may state that by spending and paying off $5,000 in five months (or something like that), you’ll then earn 50,000 bonus points for a flight with a specific airline (which would translate to around $500 in flight cost savings).

Apply Your Credit Card Bonus Points/Miles

You know all the points that you accumulate when you spend money on your credit card? Depending on the card you use, you can use those points to pay for flight tickets as well.

The only thing is you have to almost always actually pay off the card in order to earn the points, but at the same time, that’s what fiscal responsibility is all about.

Scavenge The Internet For Promo Codes

One of the most overlooked tips for getting cheaper flights is through searching the internet for promo codes, which can translate to major savings. For example, if you want or need to buy an Etihad flight ticket, you could search for ‘Etihad promo code’ online.

Depending on the promo code you use, it’s possible to save as much as five percent to twenty percent on a single flight, which is huge if you really want or need to save money. Online promo codes rarely last long, however, so if you find one you like you have to go for it. 

Watch The Prices Like A Hawk

The prices of airfare is always changing, and not just by the season, but even by the day. In fact, it’s possible for the price of a plane ticket of the same flight to change by as much as a couple hundred dollars in the space of just one week.

Therefore, to get the cheapest price possible, you really will need to scan the ever changing airfare prices like a hawk, and when you see a good deal, buy it immediately before it’s taken.

Getting Cheaper Flights

Booking cheaper airfare is a priority for anyone who flies or travels often and doesn’t want to spend a fortune. If that applies to you as well, any one of the above tips can be used to book a more inexpensive flight than you would have otherwise paid.

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