Top 5 Recommended WordPress Plugins For New Bloggers

This article talks about Top 5 Recommended WordPress Plugins For New Bloggers. I strongly recommend you use these plugins if you are a new blogger.  Now you are thinking of where to start with your blog right? I’ve been there! It’s not easy when you venture into starting your own blog. You always have this thought like how do I start? If peradventure you have gotten a domain name and your blog is live and you have successfully chosen a theme. The big question is, with the thousands of plugins available, what kind of plugins do I need to drive traffic to my blog at the “speed of light”?  I have compiled five (5) plugins that I strongly recommend will boost your blog and increase traffic. I have also listed what you should know when it comes to choosing a plugin in the nearest future.

THE KEY FEATURES TO LOOK FOR IN A WORDPRESS PLUGIN  Reviews: This is very key because you wouldn’t want to install and activate any plugin that 80 percent of the reviews are 1 star reviews. You should take this seriously because people that have used it are experienced, they know the pros and cons, and thus their reviews are very important in your decision in choosing any WordPress plugin. Description: This is also very important. You need to understand what the plugin is all about and the description should give you an idea of what to expect when you download and activate the plugin. Downloads: of course, this is also another key feature to look at. We humans believe if any plugin receives more than five (5) zeros in downloads, that means it performs above average. You should check this too. Compatibility: I saved this for the last because it is very important. You should check if the plugin you want to install is compatible with the version of your WordPress to avoid glitches in the future.  TOP 5 RECOMMENDED WORDPRESS PLUGINS FOR NEW BLOGGERS

1. Yoast SEO plugin: If you are looking for the first plugin to install and activate in your WordPress blog, Yoast SEO plugin is the plugin I strongly recommend. This plugin allows you to put your favorite keywords, you can write meta titles and descriptions for all your category, tag and custom taxonomy archives, giving you the option to further optimize each post and pages.  It has three colors of green, yellow and red. Green tells you that your SEO is good, yellow tells you that you need improvement and red tells you that your SEO is bad. This plugin also ensures that your content is the type of content search engines will love. Furthermore, you can create XML your sitemap with this plugin which means you don’t need to install another plugin to create XML sitemaps for u. I used this plugin for all my posts. I strongly recommend Yoast SEO plugin for new bloggers.

2.SumoMe Plugin:This is a suite of plugins. It has sticky social media icons that ensure that your users see it often to share your post at all times making it a great plugin to drive traffic to your site. It also has an easy way of doubling your email subscribers by popping up so users can subscribe to your post each time they visit your site with the simple email integration with MailChimp.

3. Akimset: Talking about spam messages. This a great plugin to deal with spam. Akimset is very good to fight comments outside the topic discussed on your post. Spam messages are not good and you should not allow them in anyway. Akimset fight spams in the background and you really don’t need to bother yourselves deleting unwanted comments from your blog.

4. Google Analyticator: Google Analyticator is the plugin you need to monitor traffic on your blog/website. You need to ensure traffic flow is checked, you need to know about bounce rate (which is the time a user spends on a page before leaving your blog). You need to check pageviews and so many more.

5. Subscribe to comments: Subscribe to comments plugin is a very essential tool for new bloggers. This is because you want your commenters to come back to your blog after they have left a comment. This plugin sends a mail to your commented when you reply their comments, thus enabling them to revisit your site once gain. This is another page view to your site stats.


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