“They took pics of prostitutes, I didn’t stage any ‘braless’ party,” MC Oluomo cries out

Treasurer of Lagos State chapter of NURTW, Musiliu Akinsanya, a.k.a MC Oluomo, caused a major frenzy some weeks ago after pictures purportedly taken at his birthday party went viral, with claims that he organized a “Braless” party at Da Place, a club house in Lagos.

He has now cried out to debunk the claims. In an interview with Encomium magazine, Oluomo reportedly said: “We all know how big Da Place is, and a lot of people come there, including prostitutes. They only took the pictures of some prostitutes and club girls who were not part of the event, who didn’t even get close to the venue where they organized the party for me, and they posted the pictures to depict my guests.

If you check the pictures very well, you will agree with me that they’re club girls, not my guests. To cry it loud, I am a devout muslim which I believe everybody knows. I pray five times daily, and I have been to Mecca, Saudi Arabia for both lesser Hajj and full Hajj many times. 

Not only that, I have also sent a lot of people to Mecca on pilgrimage, and of course which I do every year. How, for God’s sake, can I be involved in such immorality? How can I organize that kind of a party? What do I stand to gain from such a thing? For instance, you as a man, if I invite your wife to such a party, will you allow her to come?

At this juncture, I believe you also should understand that the whole thing was fabricated by enemies of progress whose aim was to bring me down. But my belief is that the house God has built, no one can demolish it. I know I have enemies and there are opposition here and there who may want to do everything to malign me. That can’t happen because Allah is solidly behind me.”…. he is lucky dt d girls he is calling prostitutes won’t see ds. E for red for am…. 


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