The Power Of Sports As A World Changer

The just-concluded Russia 2018 World Cup is one perfect illustration of the power of sports. During the inauguration, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin made remarks of how the love of football integrated people.

How else can you explain the enthusiasm with which billions of people tuned in daily to cheer on their favourite teams? This isn’t just about the power of football, it is about the power of sports in general. Sports has an amazing ability to change the world. Everyone who has ever participated in online sports betting entertainment can attest to the excitement that can be gained from sports – even when you aren’t playing!

Victor Moses, Nigeria, Chelsea
Victor Moses | NAN
Sports – More Than You Can Imagine

Sports is essential to the fabric of every society. In fact, individuals need to incorporate this active diversion into their daily routine. The physical exertion and competition is healthy for the growth and development of the individual and the community. It isn’t just a great way to get fit while doing something fun, it is also an effective way to rejuvenate the mind and reduce stress.

It is part of a culture that provides people with healthy and happy lifestyles. Can you imagine a world without sports? No swimming, no cycling, no athletics, no football or soccer? The earth would be the most boring place anyone can imagine living in.

The History Of Sports – Where did it all Start?

Ever wondered how professional sports came around in the first place? What were the first known sporting events held?

Ancient Greece was the first country to introduce formal sports in the form of the Olympic Games in 776 BC. However, sports can be dated to as far back as 3000 years ago, where individuals engaged in sports in preparation for hunting and wars.

Sports Today – A Closer Look

In the 21st Century, a lot has changed with many international sporting events aiming to bring people together. However, one thing has been prevalent: the issue of racism. Sporting events have acted as bridges to solve the most serious issues facing the world and often, these events have even made a political statement. But even so, people of color have faced discrimination.

For instance, when African American athletes, Tommie Smith and John Carlos competed in the 1968 Olympics event, they won gold and bronze respectively. However they reacted in such a remarkable way, their actions have been recorded in the annals of history. They made a political statement by gesturing a black power salute.

Usain Bolt embraces Gatlin, who takes the gold
Usain Bolt embraces Gatlin, who takes the gold

Their action helped raise awareness of what the Black Americans were facing in the United States. Until this day, the two are remembered for their bravery on an International platform.

However, Bradley Lowrey’s story features as one of the most remarkable stories of how sports changed the life of an individual. He was a six-year Sunderland fan who unfortunately died from cancer.

Before his passing, Bradley touched the lives of many football fans. He was a great lover of football and had struck a friendship with Jermaine Defoe. As a result of his experience, football clubs have developed programs such as the Bradley Lowrey foundation for people who are terminally ill.

Sports will always be a part and parcel of our lives. Sports does not only get people physically healthy but also improves their mental fitness. Some indoor sports such as Sudoku and chess also improve brain function and mental alertness. Make sports an integral part of your life today.

Chioma Iwunze-Ibiam writes creative non-fiction and prose fiction. Her works have appeared in Romance Meets Life, Flash Fiction Press, MTLS, Saraba Magazine, Sentinel Magazine and others. Her first novel, Finding Love Again, was published by Ankara Press. She owns and manages Creative Writing News.

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