The Lagos State Police Command advises NBA Ikeja branch not embark on planned protest

The Lagos state police command has released a statement warning the Ikeja branch of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to desist from conducting their planned protest. Read the statement below…

The Lagos State Police Command hereby advises the Ikeja branch of the Nigeria Bar Association led by Mr. Adesina Ogunlana to shelve their planned protest slated for tomorrow  20th February 2018 as all avenues to resolving their grievances have not been exploited.

The CP is deeply worried about the security implication of such protest at this time when the resources of the Police command is overstretched. Thus, it is expected that  the NBA chairman whose  office is a shouting distance away from the CP’s office, should have at least briefed him on the matter and indeed any issue  of interest to his association instead of planning a street protest for a matter that could be resolved in the CP’s office without much ado. Moreso the unit of the Police which the NBA has issues with and indeed all operational Police units in the state are under the command of the Commissioner of Police.

The Lagos State Police Command,  views this planned protest and the call by the NBA Chairman that all manner of people should join the protest as a call to breach of public peace and safety and an unnecessary dissipation of valuable energy.
Besides these, the Command wishes to draw the attention of the organizers of the protest that intelligence report at its disposal indicates that certain elements are hell bent on truncating the peace in Lagos State and are merely waiting for triggers such as  the planned protest by the NBA to execute their intentions. The Command would like to inform the NBA Chairman that as a stakeholder in peace affairs , security and public orderliness in the state, he ought to partner the police in ensuring public safety and not resort to acts capable of breaching the peace enjoyed by all in the state.

The CP wishes to assure the NBA Chairman that his complaint as seen in the newspapers  is noted and that investigation into it is in progress and at the end, a joint press conference in which the NBA Chairman would be invited would be held.

SP.  Chike Oti
Police Public Relations Officer
Lagos State.

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