The best gaming keyboards

Choosing a Gaming Keyboard

When it comes to choosing a good gaming keyboard, the first place to start is looking at what type of keyboard you’d like to get your hands on.

Gaming keyboards are distinguished by their ergonomics and additional features:

  • Additional programmable keys – their number is different depending on the specific model of the device. Programmed at the discretion of the gamer on a specific action in the game or the sequence of several actions – macros;
  • Memory – in order not to reconfigure the keyboard for each game, it has its own memory for saving game profiles. Convenient when quickly switching modes of the keys at the time of changing the game;
  • Game mode function – is blocked by Windows and inadvertently turn off the game will not work;
  • Rubberized keys with the possibility of replacing them are provided by manufacturers for comfortable use and to prevent force majeure situations;
  • Additional screen and/or analog joystick – equipped with advanced game models. The screen displays information about the state of PC resources (RAM, CPU load), etc., as well as the processes of game parameters. If you have a joystick, you can control the cursor, not looking up from the keyboard, if this is relevant in the game;
  • Additional connectors provided for headphones, microphone and a USB port for quick connection;
  • The backlight of the keys can be of different colors (blue, red, green, orange), with adjustable brightness and calm tone (the eyes do not get tired in the dark).

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