The 10 Good Reasons to Book Movie Tickets Online in India

On your close inspection, you will notice a marked change in the behavioural pattern of cine-addicts. We are not talking about their choice of movies but referring to their changing habit in favour of online ticket booking. Such a trend is not surprising, as the consumers are getting more and more acquainted with the benefits of booking movie tickets online. It is a super easy way to book tickets right from your home or any place and adding to your excitement are the excellent offers from the booking websites.

What are the options to book movie tickets online?

Honestly speaking, there are so many options around to take advantage of. Many websites offer the facility of movie ticket booking and some of them are very popular with regular movie buffs. You have most probably heard of Paytm. It is a popular website allowing the Indians to pay different utility bills right from their living spaces. Many have no idea that the same website also features an option to allow the visitors to buy movie tickets online.,,,, etc are some of the most popular websites to book tickets online. They regularly offer exciting deals for the cine-goers. If you want to save time, money and energy, buy tickets online at a reputed website.

How to book tickets online?

If you have never booked ticket via internet, let us guide you with some crucial details. Booking tickets online is fairly simple. Having basic knowledge of internet usage is enough in this regard. Here is a step-by-step procedure for your clear understanding.

Ø  Set up your internet connection and open the website.

Ø  Mention the name of the movie you intend to watch.

Ø  From the popped-up list of options, choose the show time convenient to you.

Ø  Specify how many tickets you want to buy at a time in the next list. From the options of sitting arrangement, choose the type of seat.

Ø  You will be asked to enter your email id and password as a part of registration process.

Ø  At this point, you have to make payment for total fare.

Ø  You will be required to give your bank details to transfer money through online banking. The website accepts payments via different modes including debit/credit card.

What are the benefits of booking movie tickets online?

Without any doubt, there are several benefits of buying movie tickets online. Internet is to stay as a dominant force worldwide. Since its inception, it has become a force to reckon with. It has made our life simpler and easier, allowing us to enjoy every moment more than ever. For those, who are still searching the reasons for the rising trend of online ticket booking, here are what we have summed up.

1. Round-the-Clock Booking Facility

The age-old practice of ticket booking requires us to queue up in front of the counter at a theatre hall during daytime. You have to wait for hours for ticket booking. It is quite frustrating and time-consuming. Moreover, we cannot sacrifice our work to stand in a queue for ticket booking. Online ticket booking is a better choice as you have complete freedom to buy tickets any time you find most convenient. The website is open to receiving your requests and processing them round the clock.

2. Convenient Choice

Online booking is a convenient option as you can buy tickets from your home, office or any other remote place. What is a must for you is having a computer and internet connection. The rest will go on smoothly.

3. Excellent Customer Service

If it comes to online booking, we never refer to a contact form. A contact form never lets the customers buy tickets and make payment directly. These features are integral to excellent customer service provided by the online ticket booking websites.

4. Benefitting Both Sides

Online booking is all about remote booking and payment. These options favour both the parties – the service provider and customer.

5. Instant Update

As soon as your input the details, the website will notify you about ticket confirmation. You will also receive quick update if there is any problem in payment processing or seats are not available.

6. Minimizing Error

Online booking is a computerized method of processing your information as well as payment. Minimum involvement of manual workforce significantly reduces the chance of errors.

7. Safety of Data

While buying movie tickets online, you are requested to give out some important details regarding your bank ID, code and others for payment transfer. If you are dealing with a reputed website, all these data will remain safe with them.

8. More Details Available

When you are booking movie tickets online, you will have options to choose the seats as per your preference. The websites provide you with all details regarding the number of available seats, sitting arrangement, show time etc so that you can make an intelligent decision.

9. Attractive Discounts

The websites have regular and attractive offers on movie ticket purchase. Some websites have more offers for the regular customers. For bulk purchase, you will enjoy added benefits in terms of saving more bucks.

10. Facilities of Up-Sale & Cross-Sale

At the online booking sites, it is not difficult to cross-sale and up-sale the products across different categories due to the option of convenient display.


Internet has affected our daily life in the most positive way. The facility of ticket booking from a remote zone was a utopian idea even a couple of decades ago. Good news is more and more of Indians are enjoying the facility every day. If you have a better option at your disposal to book ticket, you should grab it for more benefits.

Online booking ensures both comfort and convenience, thereby offering you a peace of mind. There is no need to rush to a theatre hall for ticket booking. You can save time and energy. Furthermore, you can save money with attractive deals always available at these sites.  Therefore, what are you waiting for? Choose the new-age option and enjoy a host of benefits.

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