Tension mounts as the Yoruba Community in Malaysia is set to have a new leader

A Nigerian living in Malaysia has voiced out his worries about the upcoming election slated for next week Sunday, 20th of march 2016, to elect a new leader of the Yoruba Community in Malaysia. According to him, the election is between two powerful men known as Alh. Adedire Luqmon and Chief Adeniyi Olaleye.

He said it has turned into a very big politics and as of the time of filing in his report, it is now bringing a lot of tension and the Yorubas there are praying that it doesn’t turn bloody. The two men are from the Millionia Club, which is just like the Island Club in Lagos. 

He said that with what they are seeing, it has turned into an APC and PDP thing, bringing a lot tension, to the extent that some set of people in that community are taking it for a do or die affair…. my own is dt they shld sha nt allow d notorious Yoruba demon use them….


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