Teenager caught engaging in bestiality with sheep

On Monday, Jan­uary 18, 2016, Miracle Oluebube Nweke, 15, was caught having sex with a sheep, by the Edoji, Uruagu-Nnewi vigilante group. The native of Eziagu, Enugu state, confessed that he had been engaging in the act for a while but was never caught.

Miracle, a school dropout and first of the 7 children of his parents, said he knows that it was not normal but that he could not help himself. And that an­ytime he had a urge, a strange voice would lead him to where he would get a tethered sheep which he would loose and drag to an uncompleted building to have sex with it.

His words: “It gives me great pleas­ure whenever I have sex with sheep. I have never tried any other kind of animal to know the difference. My experience of having sex with sheep is sweet.” He stated that his attraction is just for sheep and that he does not, in fact, have sexual urge toward wom­en, men, children or any other kind of animal.

He however blamed evil spirit, saying: “There is a spirit that normally tells me to go and look for sheep and whenever I hear the com­manding voice of the spirit, it becomes irresistible for me to take away my eyes from sheep. I will be so restless and confused until after I have car­ried out the instruction.”

On whether he regrets his actions, he said yes but that he could not say if he would not do it again. The own­er of the sheep, Uche, however told the vigilante operatives that he would not go home with the sheep again and demanded that Miracle must buy it. Cc: Authorityngr.com


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