"Taiwo you have destroyed me" – Woman causes lover of 3 years after he marries another person

May this not be our portion oh, amen….Imagine this kind of situation, the lady in question rained curses on her now ex-lover who married another woman while deceiving her that he loved her, what kind of ultimate revenge would you call this, chai. A Nigerian woman who goes by the name Shalom Miriam Shehu from Borno State is heartbroken after she found out this early morning that her fiance of 3 years, a man named Taiwo, got married to another woman last weekend. She disclosed this in a series of tweets moments ago, see them below…

And oh, his name is Taiwo, is this why they keep calling the men from Yoruba tribe ‘Yoruba Demons”, something to learn as we get older here…lips sealed.






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