Syria civil war: Aid still not reaching besieged areas

UN lorries with a month’s worth of food for 40,000 people remain stuck at the Turkish border, two days after a truce came into effect in Syria.  Getting aid to civilians in besieged areas like the rebel-held eastern half of the city of Aleppo is a priority.  But disagreements between warring sides and concerns about safety are delaying emergency deliveries, the UN says.  Criticism has also been leveled at President Bashar al-Assad’s government for trying to control aid flows.  It says it will only allow aid co-ordinated through itself and the UN to reach Aleppo.

Syria conflict: How will the new truce work?

Syrians enjoy moment of calmal

What’s left after five years of war?

It has raised particular concern about aid coming from Turkey, which supports rebel factions in the city.  Some 250,000 people are trapped in eastern Aleppo. Protests have been held against the UN as the area waits for aid but people are enjoying the temporary calm, residents say.


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