Switzerland government to return $300m Abacha loot to Nigeria


Yesterday, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Geoffrey Onyeama, said: “We are in touch with Switzerland; they have recently recovered quite a significant amount of money and I met last week with

Swiss representatives to work out the modality for the repatriation of this fund.

The Swiss government has already repatriated over $700m from Abacha loot and that agreement has been reached on how the money would be applied. They have also now recovered in the same context another $300m of which there is ongoing discussion to have that repatriated as well.

There are discussions with other countries; United Kingdom for instance, as you all know where there are ongoing discussions there. The goodwill generated by Pres. Buhari’s foreign trips has helped enormously in getting various countries to cooperate with Nigeria on the fund repatriation issue.”…. God bless Abacha for having d foresight to help 9ja save for the rainy day…..


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