Switzerland-based Edo girl accuses man of using love to serially scam unsuspecting women

Sonia Efe, who said she also fell victim of the man after meeting him on Facebook, 3 years ago, said: “Ladies please be aware of this guy called Bright Oni, I have fall into victim, so i want to share with you all my ladies in Europe and on Facebook to please be careful of him.

He feeds with womens money he will pretend as if he loves you and play you money, i belive is using charm by the time i find out lots has go down the drain. i just found out how he pregnanted his 2 cousin’s, and another woman had 2 babies for him here in Europe about 3 different women has give birth to him in different countries and he has 2 wife’s back home he also pregnant a tenanger when she trying to put to birth the baby died immediately after birth thank God for saving the girl life. 

He is a deceiver he goes on Facebook and chats women up all the name he want to married them please do not fall as a victim of this stupid idiot any more am doing this not to damage his image but just to urge you all to be very careful of this guy BRIGHT ONI. he is a fruad star, 419 in the making it’s flows on his blood.

If I have to reveal all he did to me you will feel my pains but i leave everything for God. people may think i used the money to play love but i didn’t i was thinking his a good man that i have found the best man not knowing he is a moster.”


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