Suspected drug trafficker breaks through glass wall to evade arrest at the Abuja airport


NDLEA on Monday rearrested Michael Nwobodo, 31, after breaking through a glass wall in an attempt to escape at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport (NAIA) Abuja. He was found in possession of 81 pellets of cocaine.

As soon as the drug was detected, he took to his heels breaking through a glass wall but was pursued by narcotic officers and apprehended with the help of security officials at the airport. Nwobodo resides in Dubai where he works as a technician.  

During interrogation, he said: “I live and work in Dubai. I came to Nigeria for my father’s burial but decided to bring the drugs because I needed money. When the drug was discovered, I ran because I was afraid of arrest. I am ashamed of myself and do not know how to face my friends and relatives”…. I think I shld av carried just 79 pellets, 81 too much make I no lie….


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