Super Eagles coach flees Nigeria, accuses staff of witchcraft


According to Vanguard, as the must win AFCON qualifier against the Pharaohs of Egypt on March 23, approaches, Super Eagles coach, Sunday Oliseh, may continue to tinker the Eagles from his base in

After contracting a virus in one of his official assignments, camp sources say that Oliseh has alleged occultic manipulations by his enemies on his life and has vowed to flee far from the country to where they could not fly to attack him.

The source said: “He is always scared in camp and suspicious of even members of his back room staff. He warned those fond of putting their hands in their pockets before shaking him to desist or keep their handshakes as he feared they touch objects concealed in their pockets before offering to shake him.”

Also, Oliseh alleged that many of the people surrounding him do not believe in the success of the team as he claimed that when the Eagles score goals, they don’t rejoice….. like Mourinho…..


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