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[simple_tooltip content=’ You can happily use this page to say anything you want, you can add multiple pictures and video links, this is great if you really want to expose a debtor or a cheating boyfriend, hehee! ‘]Time to fully express yourself![/simple_tooltip]



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  1. Use interesting headlines as titles
  2. Express yourself in your articles to connect with your readers
  3. Add one or more pictures to illustrate what you mean
  4. Avoid use of bad verbals that could confuse your readers
  5. Do not steal from other authors
  6. Have major fun while writing
  7. Do not advertise as we cannot guarantee other readers of the genuineness of your trade and nobody wants to get duped, instead you can send your adverts to Us and we would send you rates or you could even qualify for a free advert placement too after an admin reviews your advert. Any ads you post on here would be removed with immediate effect.
  8. Include proof of details when accusing someone of theft or cheating
  9. Include proof when accusing someone of sexual harassment or violence
  10. Share your post on your social media pages
  11. Invite your friend to read you great article and like
  12. Write more often and start earning points to earn money’]How to write a great post in 1 … 2 … 3 …click me [/simple_tooltip]


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