Son kills his own father over disagreement with his mother


Mfreke Effiong, 25, from Ikot Akpainyang Asutan village, Akwa Ibom State, killed his father, Archibong Effiong, on Monday. It was learnt that Archibong and his wife had a disagreement during which
Mfreke picked up a plank and hit his father on the head.

After his arrest, he said: “My mother and father have been having issues. My father has not been feeding me; I cut palm fruit to feed myself. On Monday at about 6pm, I returned from where I went and met my father and mother quarreling.

I asked my mother what the problem was and she told me. My father from inside asked who it was upon hearing my voice. And as he came out and saw me, he threw a bottle at me and hit me with a stick. I was annoyed and I took the same stick and hit him back; he slumped and the next thing I heard was that he is dead.”


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