Sokoto to spend just N30m to wed a whole 100 couples

 A mass wedding of 100 couples is being coordinated by the Sokoto State Sunnah Mediation Council and it would be conducted before the commencement of Ramadan in June. The state government has now set aside N30 million to pay the bride prices of all the female partners – N30,000 for spinsters and N20,000 for divorcees.

The chairman of the Council, Kofar-Rini, said: “The brides will also be trained in some skills like knitting, sewing, pomade and detergents making, among others. The brides will also be assisted with working tools and capital. Each couple would receive N75,000 to enable it to settle down properly to marital life.

The state government spent N30 million in the organisation of the first phase of mass wedding of 125 couples in Jan. 2014. But 15 of the 125 couples have since been divorced. The remaining are still married and have produced 45 children, with the latest being a set of twins, born on March 24, 2016…. n they av already started walking….


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