SHOCKING: Popular Nigerian Prophet, ThankGod Abam, Shot Dead

When people ask me why some Pastors have security (soldiers or police or bodyguard), I usually tell them that any man who’s popular and rich is a target for Kidnapping and Armed Robbery, it doesn’t matter if he’s a Pastor, Politician, Businessman, etc.
No matter your anointing if you are shot at close range, you will Die, UNLESS there is still something special that God want you in particular to do before leaving this earth, then you’ll miraculously survive. 

A Nigerian pastor who has a very powerful prophetic anointing, ThankGod Abam has been shot dead, plunging his family, friends and church members in deep grief…

The cleric who is also known as “The Commanding Commander,” was reportedly killed by gunmen in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, late last night.

It is not clear if the gunmen were assassins or just armed robbers.

Abam, who was the G.O of Intercessory Prayer Ministry, had scheduled the dedication of his last child for this Sunday, before the sad incident occurred.

Friends, family and devoted members have taken to Facebook to bitterly mourn the cleric’s tragic passing;

Please, stop criticizing Pastors who have security. Physical security is necessary because if a pastor is killed (physical death), he can no longer help people with his spiritually gifts.
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