Shekarau dumps Presidential Ambition, picks APC Senate Form for Kwankwaso’s seat

One man who’s political destination is always determined by Rabiu Musa Kwankwaso in the Kano political landscape is Ibrahim Shekarau. It’s very difficult for him to be in the same party with Kwankwaso.

While in the PDP, he wanted to contest for President, but with the return of Kwankwaso and others to the opposition party, he succumb to the lobby of the APC.

Just few days after joining the All Progressives Congress, the former Kano state Governor is no longer interested in becoming President. He has picked Senatorial Nomination Form for Kano Central Zone under the APC, same seat currently occupied by Kwankwaso.

Kano is one of the key states that will determine who becomes president in 2019.

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