Shame, 2 prostitute caught fighting and tearing at each other

  • Two prostitutes in Isiala Mbano local government area of Imo State, engaged themselves in a public fight recently.

What do you know about catfights, when two vicious beings declare war there’s bound to be wahala oh.

According to Dailypost, the sex workers got into the fight while returning home from a bar. They had drank too much alcohol and as a result, were intoxicated from the huge alcohol intake. On their way back to their residence, they stopped over to smoke cigarettes at a another local bar when a fight ensued between them.

It was not clear what the quarrel was all about, but the pair soon got into a violent attack against each other. They were soon separated by passers-by, but not after they caused serious injuries to themselves. They can be seen bloodied as they were finallyy separated from each other…

prostitute fight

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