RIP! Jacob Juma’s Youngest Son Dies

Vusi N. Zuma, one of the sons of immediate past South African president Jacob Zuma has died.

Vusi, who was the youngest son of Zuma and his late wife Kate Mantsho, died on Sunday night in Johannesburg after a short illness.

Vukile Mathabela, the media liaison at the Presidency, told News24 that details of Vusi’s death would be released later on Monday, once a family spokesperson is appointed.

Kate Mantsho‚ who ‘committed suicide’ in 2000, had five children for Zuma. She was 44 when she died, after taking an overdose of sleeping pills and malaria tablets.

He is believed to have been born in 1993. His siblings include the well-known twins Duduzane and Duduzile.

Condolences have been pouring in for Zuma, with Reverend Jesse Jackson tweeting on Sunday night that he was sending his prayers to the Zuma family.

Zuma has as many as 24 children, from many wives.

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