Rich Woman Loses N81million To ‘Occultic Fraudsters’ (Photos)

Some occultic fraudsters based in Oyo state, have been arrested after duping a German based Nigerian woman known as Mary John of N81.7 million in her quest to get RICHER.

The victim was said to have been elusive to her family members anytime she returns to Nigeria and this prompted her mother and siblings to enlist the help of spiritual medicine man identified as Babatunde Richard, a retired police officer, to reverse it.

According to the spiritualist, the woman’s mother told him that she has a daughter based abroad who is doing very well but that a man and a lady behind her (Mary John), doesn’t want her daughter to have pity on her.

The woman’s mother told him she wants her daughter back.

During a session with the spiritualist who was paid about N1.2 million, a call came through that help has been found somewhere else.

The woman’s mother and siblings also facilitated another meeting with a different group of spiritualists who also scammed the woman of various amounts of money. The second group of spiritualists promised Mary John’s family a thorough spiritual cleansing with the hope of making them wealthy.

According to Mary, she and her family members were given some items to eat after some sacrifices were made as they asked her to deposit various sums of money all in Euros in a pot.

Mary also revealed that one of the fraudsters also slept with her in the quest to double the money they collected from her.

The men who revealed that they knew they couldn’t help her, were arrested by the special Intelligence Response Team (IRT), led by Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Abba Kyari.

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