Psqaure’s house locked up over failure to perform at a show after getting paid


There was a messy drama at the Omole Phase 1, Lagos, house of the music duo this morning after they failed to show up at an event where they’re billed to perform despite the fact that they were already paid by the client. The house was allegedly stormed this morning and was placed under lock and key.

Inside sources revealed that the action was taken by the aggrieved client. Psqaure’s failure to honor the agreement is said to be related to the current misunderstanding between them. Before this morning’s drama, it’s alleged that they’ve been charged to court 3 times but they didn’t honor it. Peter was said to have driven off angrily this morning as security operatives kept dispersing the crowd that gathered to watch the drama….. does Lagos State still av a governor? If yes, he shld do something asap!…..


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