Pretty Lady Doing “Runs” Killed, Nude Body Dumped On The Road (Graphic Photo)

It is worrisome that these days, once a girl is a bit fine, she turns herself to a s*x hawker, all in a bid to live above her means. What kind of preaching our young ladies of today need to hear before they can live right to escape Hell Fire? Sigh!

A runs girl identified as Peace Precious was found dead by the roadside near a tomatoes market at the Upper Mission extension road in Benin, Edo state.

According to a resident in the area, they heard a voice around 4am where the body was found and they only heard “please, please take the bag”.

The witness said they could not come out because the area was dark. Bruises were found in the hand and blood was gushing out of the nostrils of the deceased. She was half Unclad and the lifeless body facing downward.

A staff of the hotel where the deceased and her friends use as contact point for their “runs” said, “The truth is that she is a huzzler. I came to the office this morning and I was told that she left on Monday and has since not returned.

“When they call her phone, it will ring and then switch off. I said we should go to the police station to incident the matter. I had called Aduwawa police station and now asked that they should go and bring her picture, I was waiting for her picture when we heard that a dead body was found along Upper Mission extension.

“She used to huzzle at Old Road in Aduwawa so we ran down here and discovered that she was the one.”

A friend of the deceased who does the same “runs” said she does not know where the deceased hailed from. She said the late precious has an eight months old child.

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