Pregnant housewife arrested for assaulting her housemaid with hot iron after making her fan her


Monica Momodu, 39, is cooling off at Aswani Police Station for allegedly torturing her 13-year-old Edo housemaid, Sandra Egbadon, with a hot iron, at Oke Afa, Isolo, Lagos. The case was reported to the police after was questioned by her teacher when she got to school, the next day.

Sandra who revealed that she had washed her madam’s children’s clothes, added that: “On the day of the incident, my madam said I should use hand fan to fan her. I fanned her for a very long time and became tired. There was no light by then.

When power supply was restored, my madam said I should go and iron her children’s clothes. I was ironing the clothes when I fell asleep. I fell asleep because I was very tired. My madam came and used the pressing iron to burn my hand and leg. I was afraid to tell anyone, but my teacher at school noticed the injuries when I went to school.

My teacher called the police. Her husband is not aware of the way she treats me. He lives in Abuja and comes home once in a while. Whenever we travel home, she is kind to me in the presence of my father. I want to go back home.” Monica however said Sandra injured herself with the iron out of fear when she chided her for dosing.


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