Policemen Beat-up Okada Rider For Refusing To Give N50 Bribe

A clip has gone viral on social media, which captured the moment a young man was assaulted by three police officers yesterday at a checkpoint in Enugu state.

According to Afam Goodluck who shared the clip online,

the motorcyclist otherwise known as okada rider was on his way to a campaign at Ndeaboh Aninri local government area of the state before he was stopped by some officers at the checkpoint.

He tendered his documents and all his motorcycle papers which were complete as requested by the officers. However, when he was about to leave, the police officers allegedly asked him to give them N50, which he said he didn’t have as he claimed he didn’t have any cash on him.

The officers tried to seize his motorcycle key but he refused. This earned him some beatings from the officers as they threatened him. He later handed the key to them [to avoid further beatings].

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