Police corporal killed by driver trying to evade arrest

Evelyn Ele-Amuta, a mother-of-one attached to X-Squad of Lagos State Police Command, was killed by a hit-and-run commercial bus driver, at her duty post at Ikorodu. She was said to be attempting to arrest a driver, who flouted traffic regulation when the driver suddenly reversed, ran over her and fled. 

A police source said: “Evelyn went to arrest a criminal. She was in the company of the OC X-Squad. On their way to Ikeja, from Ikorodu, where they went for investigation, they saw a commercial vehicle driving against traffic. 

They succeeded in arresting the driver, but as they were about to order him out of his vehicle, he suddenly reversed, hit Evelyn and escaped. She was rushed to a hospital, but the doctors demanded for police report before they could treat her. This was despite the fact that the OC introduced himself as a police officer. Evelyn died shortly after.”


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