Police arrests the alleged ex-girlfriend of actor, IK Ogbonna, for prostitution in the US

More than half a dozen women have been charged with prostitution in connection with an alleged sex ring case in Houston, Texas, and among them is former Golden Icons interviewer, Katherine Anne Rejouis, who was once romantically linked with actor IK Ogbonna, in 2013.
Their pimps, Bruce Wayne Wallis, and Tracie Tanner, are charged with aggravated promotion of prostitution, accused of running a series of brothels. Wallis allegedly ran a total of six brothels, with at least 20 women working for him as prostitutes.

They would reportedly pay him $400 a week. Wallis is a pilot for United Airlines, but has been suspended for now. Wallis is also charged with engaging in organized criminal activity…. Kate says Nigerians, both old and young, shld pls pray for her….


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