Pogba’s critics are jealous – Ibrahimovic

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has said that “jealous people” will regret criticizing his Manchester United team-mate, Paul Pogba.

The Swedish striker has scored four times in four Premier League matches for the Red Devils, while Pogba is yet to score or assist since he returned to Old Trafford for a world-record fee of £89.3million.

Ibrahimovic is quoted by Eurosport as saying: “All the jealous people who talk about him will swallow all of the words they have said about him. He will only improve and will get everyone behind him.”

He also added that Pogba is a talented player, who is working hard and will begin to show his abilities soon.

The Swede told SFR Sport: “My relationship with Paul is easy: I speak, he listens. Paul is a player with a lot of talent.

“Now, you have to be realistic: people are putting a lot of pressure on Paul. His transfer created a huge amount of buzz.

“I didn’t know Paul before and, now that I do, I can tell you he’s someone who works enormously. He really wants to improve and he has a super attitude. But you mustn’t forget he’s young. That’s all I can say.”


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