PHOTO: Groom Die In Fatal Accident On The Way To His Wedding

In what will come across as a really tragic development, officials have revealed that a van carrying a wedding party crashed in central Vietnam early Monday, killing 14 people, including the groom who died on the spot. 

13 members of his family also died in the accident.

According to VNExpress, the van, carrying 17 people, collided head-on into a container truck at 2:30 a.m. in Quang Nam province. This was revealed by the provincial Mayor Dinh Van Thu.

Ten people died at the scene and three others when they were rushed to a hospital, Thu said.

The four passengers who survived the crash were in critical condition, including two 6-year-old children.

The entourage, from the groom’s family, was on a 280-mile drive to the bride’s family in Binh Dinh city, where the wedding was scheduled to take place later today (Monday).

Photos of the accident posted on VNExpress show the fronts of both vehicles smashed and the van windshield shattered.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident.
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